Dear Exporter Community,

Our country, which has been a very important trade center for centuries in terms of its geopolitical position, has developed and combined the trade tradition and experiences from the Ottoman Empire and our Republic to the present day with the changing world trends. As a result, a gradual, sustainable and effective growth has been observed in our exports compared to previous periods. As İHBİR, we kept up with this development and took our place among Turkey’s locomotive Exporters’ Associations with our goal of exporting 13.7 billion dollars of Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products in 2023.

Our traditions and experiences from our history have been synthesized with the branding, marketing and R&D studies we carry out today. Thanks to the efforts of the Turkish Exporters and Exporters’ Associations with their strength and superior performance, an export picture above the global average emerged. It is very difficult to achieve success without a goal. As Turkish exporters, it is impossible for us to achieve the goals we set ourselves with individual efforts. However we can achieve these goals, when we act together and in coordination. We will achieve this together with a strategic plan that includes all our exporters.

We will continue our combined efforts until and after we reach our 2023 export targets. The incentive policies followed by our government on exports gain meaning with the successes in the global demand and relations network.

As Turkish Exporters, we will increase our exports in our current markets and play for leadership in new markets with our value-added products. In order to achieve this, we must take care to bring the right product together with the right buyers by giving maximum importance to branding.

With the awareness that the Turkish Brand is entrusted to you, our respected exporters, I would like to emphasize once again that our aim is to spread the quality of Turkish products all over the world by glorifying the power and image of Turkey in the international arena.

Everything we want is for a bigger, more beautiful, more prosperous Turkey. In our export adventure that we embarked on with this self-confidence, with the support of our state and the efforts of our respected exporters; our exports, which have maintained its successful graphic until today, will continue to develop and continue in the best way in the coming periods, I wish success to all my exporter colleagues.

Best regards

Haluk Okutur


İstanbul Cereals, Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association – İHBİR

Chairman of the Board